Submitting Photos


To submit photos for inclusion on this site:
(also see example below for the format I use *)

1) E-mail me your photos in JPG format

2) Include the following information with each photo:
     a. From whose collection did this photo come? 

              (if it's your great-grandmother's photo collection, give her full name, with birth and death years)

     b. What is the PROBABLE surname of the person/people in this photo?
(if there is more than one possibility, state all of them)

     c. If known, what is the approximate date of the photo?

     d. What is the probable local of photo?

     e. Other information and speculation?
Can you name anyone in the photo?
           Is there a photographer's mark on the photo?
           Is there an inscription on the back?

3) Include your name and e-mail address.

Remember that the more information you give me, 
the better chance there is of identifying your photo!

* sample of format I use:

Photo obtained from:
the collection of 
Ellen Marie (Hagen) Holum
1867 - 1955

Probable family:
Hagen or Holum

Approximate date:
c. 1890-1910

Other information:

Probable locale:
in or near Pope or Stearns county, MN

Notes and/or speculation:
Most likely the children of: 
Andrew & Anna (Hagen) Erickson,
Hans & Aase (Austvold) Hagen,
Haldor & Louise (Hagen) Disrud,
Simon & Nellie (Hanson) Holum,
John & Annie (Holum) Nelson,
 Ole & Alice (Ames) Holum or
Simon & Marie (Holum) Eggum






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