White Pine Cemetery  
Gunnison County, Colorado, USA  

Cemetery transcription and all photos 
by Dean and Valerie Boman, July 2003

Directions:  Approximately 35 miles east of Gunnison, Colorado - off highway 50;   
9 miles north on county road 888 (turnoff is about 2 miles east of the town of Sargents).
The cemetery is on U.S. Forest Service land and has recently been restored 
and maintained by the Sargents Historical Society

Coordinates: N 30 31.813  W 106 24.292   elevation: 9510 feet  

This small, rural cemetery is comprised of a total of approximately 
33 unmarked graves, fenced areas, mounds of dirt and inscribed tombstones.  
Click on the entries in the notes column to view photos of each grave.  


Inscription, if marked



wooden slab marker #1



wooden slab marker #2



fenced area (wood) #1
(fenced area, wooden slab, wooden slab)



fenced area (wood) #2
(fenced area, wooden slab)


Frank Fassler 1871-1932


marble tombstone #1 with inscription



wooden slab marker #3 with cutout

Mary M wife of D D Walburn
b. 1877  d. 1901

fenced area (metal) with gate
(fenced area, tombstone, pick)




wooden slab marker #4
(full, closeup)


fenced area (wood) #3



wooden slab marker #5


Mrs A L Colby age 45 years
died Jan 13th 1891

wooden slab marker #6
(full, closeup)


Cinnamon, and a small house
(appears to be a pet's grave)

wooden slab marker #7
(full, closeup)



wooden slab marker #8


Madge Macy died Jan 27, 1890
aged 6 mos. 17 dys.

fenced area (wood) #4
(fenced area, marker)


C W Harmon
died Mar or May 1888

wooden slab marker #9
(full, closeup of slab, closeup of stake)


Sarah J Hutchison
born Oct 6th 1846
died May 28th 1890

wooden slab marker #10
(full, closeup)


Corp'l Edmund W Dysart
Co G  15th PA Cav
1842 - 17 Jun 1884

marble tombstone #2
(full, closeup)



wooden slab marker #11



wooden slab marker #12


at rest
Susan Wayne Clark
born Sept 28, 1812
died July 7, 1899

footstone: SWC


fenced area (wood) #5
(full, closeup of stone, footstone)



wooden slab marker #13

Unmarked graves
the following names are listed at the entrance to White Pine cemetery
 (posted by the Sargents Historical Society)

thanks to Ruth Dolezal for her assistance with the information for this cemetery

Frank Colley - died 17 Sep 1884

Thomas E. Evans - Age 38; died 04 Oct 1884

Mrs. Haskins father - died 1933/34

George Hutchison - 9 yrs 7 months - died 21 Jan 1884

Cus Johnson - died 30 Aug, yr unknown

Swan Johnson - Age 36; died 01 Sep 1890

James Norton Castle - 11 months, 11 days; died 09 Feb 1884; son of Charles and Emily Castle

Tom Riley - died 15 Jan 1931

Minnie B. Smith - died Dec 1883

George Arthur Soden - born 26 May 1900 - died 01 Sep 1900

Mary Truren





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